About Me

I am a visual artist and maker with a studio in the creative courtyard in Marlay Park, Dublin. I come from a small quiet town in Bulgaria so all the horizons that felt and creative community has offered to me make me pinch myself.

Others like my garments and accessories?

My folk gets my sculptures of microorganisms?

Our people see my passion for felt and teaching and get fired up about felting when we have a workshop?

Me? – A hot headed disabled woman from Bulgaria, who had the audacity to marry an English bloke in Ireland?

Wow, I am lucky!

I do all my projects with an urgency informed by the realisation that next moment in our life everything can go south. And plans can change.

As we all find out they often do. My plans have known some changes too- I came to Ireland to complete a PhD in Computer Science.  After I have done that and taught for a few years in colleges I realised it is not for me and I did a course in Design Studies. Felt came to me as a discovery through one of my designs- a lampshade. Once I started felting I knew- This is It! I have found a part of me. I spent the next few years felting every idea and going to every master I could afford to learn from. I did everything with a die hard swagger- mistakes often taught me more than the successes. It was wonderful to be part of exhibitions, to get a lot of tutoring and to actually meet some of the most inspiring people I know in my apprenticeship years. I have chosen to do production as a learning as it was a conceivable way to grow and connect. It still gives me some of the warmest moments in my career- stocking the British Museum is a humbling experience, being connected to a millinery enterprise in Milan is a source of many joys. Without the consistency of the production I could never sustain my practice to the level that welcomed being one of the artist of the annual World Craft Council Exhibition, which is currently on show in Kilkenny Castle, Ireland.

Visual artist Dublin
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