The Studio

The Studio

It has been a big jump from squatting in a desacralized church on Cork Street to a bespoke studio in a multimillion restoration project in Marlay Courtyard studios. The creatives were awarded these coveted spaces by a panel of judges from DLR, DCCoI and the National Museum of Ireland.Niki Collier was handpicked for her creative and commercial kudos.

She has singlehandedly – she has limited use in her right hand from birth–-secured dream stockists, such as the British Museum Shop and Kilkenny Design, and commissions from the Bulgarian Embassy, Culture Night, Dublin City Council and Design Week, Bulgaria. She has been a finalist in the RDS Awards Exhibition and runner up for the Young Designer of the Year Award. In 2018, Niki Collier was a finalist for the World Craft Council master maker award. The exhibition was showcased in the National Design and Craft Gallery, Kilkenny.

Studio 24 is a destination for buying original artisan work direct or experiencing the making process in real time. Set in a stunning 30 acres of park lands that boasts one of the masterpieces of Irish architecture. Niki’s woman-cave is home to a tonne of wool, a kilometer of silk and over 500 tools you can get your hands on and play with, creating  your very own hat, scarf or garment from local luxury wool.

The studio concept, in its bespoke fitting, pays homage to both process and heritage. The workbench is built for felting. The free-standing walk-in wardrobe is designed to protect the heritage building. The tool wall displays Niki Collier original felting rollers and amazing scissors collection. All of it fleshed out in copper pipe and beech wood. The desire is to showcase the feltmaking process –hot water makes wool fibres a fabric (hence the pipes) and then the fabric is finished on grooved wooden boards and hat blocks (hence the wood fitting). The copper pipes allow multifunctional use as well as easy transformation. They are configured both as frames in the display area, shelving units for hat blocks and boiler and hangers for scarves or towels.

Desacralized Church @ Sophia House, 2012
Marlay Park Courtyard, Christmas 2018
The Vault
Raw Materials
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