Stories and
Experiences in Wool

Niki Collier practices traditional textile crafts using sustainable materials.
Each piece made constructs your story in unique fabrics with shapes and colours.
Whether it is a gift for you, a workshop for your friend and sister or an exhibition piece for your home – you can have it all in a delicate wool creation.

Textile Workshops & Experiences

Curious about textiles?
Want to have a go at rustling up some magic?

Let’s transform wool and silk into a delicate joyful flower or a picture that is bursting with colour!
Come and join Niki at her studio in Marlay Park.

Online, In Person, or On-demand


Can textiles be fine art?

Niki Collier’s exhibition work is art activism that connects science and art in an fine art piece.
Each piece is a conversation on the balance between resilience and empowerment.

Special interests are experiences and constructs that unite us and welcome revisiting our own understanding of us and them.

Handmade Felt Collections

What is your style?

The stylish and cosy handmade felt pieces are with strong design and flawless execution. Each is a gift made in luxury natural materials with a dedication to origin and heritage.

The hats, scarves and gloves as well as wraps come in warm bright colours as well as natural wool. All are sourced from local businesses and some are under the protection of Prince Charles’s wool initiative.

Hat doesn’t fit? Colour doesn’t suit? Book an appointment- Niki has a solution for you.

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