Craft and Chat Richmond Barracks

Craft and Chats was a creative engagement in Richmond Barracks.

It was one of the most valuable growths for me as an artist to date.

I delivered a block of six Craft and Chat workshops that enabled people to share their love for creativity in different textile mediums.

I was so grateful for the enormous and truly inspiring support that was offered to me. Each table moved, each bucket, basket and box displayed and put lovingly away by Sinead for all six of the events. Laura was there to listen and inspire a lot of creative ideas. I have grown so fond of both and am looking forward to collaborating on a few ideas that we have put together.

I know I was really lucky with the group of people who came to give it a go- they were not just talented, but really kind to each other. It was great that it included some Ukrainian refugees who integrated into our Craft and Chats.

The Chat and Chats people showed a textile piece they loved. We then built a connection through it, discussing our intimate relationship with these textile objects and the experiences we have lived with them and through them.

I loved seeing everyone making masterpieces. 

The best was witnessing all the kindness amongst each other. Our laughs echo in my days and would keep me smiling for a long while.

Here are some of the amazing things that they created:

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