The Punisher, Water

I am delighted that my piece, “The Punisher”, in wool, silk and alpaca has been included in a new online exhibition by the ARTIST NETWORK DUN LAOGHAIRE-RATHDOWN (Art Net DLR) called WATER.
‘Water’ is the last in a series of four exhibitions based on the theme of the Four Elements.
The exhibition has been curated by artist Sean Larkin.
There is a great wide collection of work from the members of Art Net DLR.

Details on the piece:

Title: “Water : The Punisher”
measurements: 30 x 30 x 5 cm
materials: wool, silk & alpaca


The work is informed by the concept of water being the force which gives and takes away.
Broadly informed by the legend of the Narcissus, who fell in love with himself and dawned in his own reflection in a water pool.
It studies the concept of nature as the force which could effortlessly correct humanity shortcomings, but the price would be paid by us.
This angry image of water as a deadly force which operates outside our self absorbed recklessness.

Process & Materials:

Build using existing wool pieces wrapped in freshly sheered bats and double dyed. Eco dyed and after that hand dyed.
Part of the process was to bury the piece for a day in the river in the park where my studio is.
This enabled the piece to absorb some of the water properties as well as to mold due to the running nature of the river.


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