Artist Residence @ Richmond Barracks, Dublin

I was let in!

I was just offered a Craft Artist in Residence at Richmond Barracks, Dublin.
I cannot start to explain what that means to me.
I never thought this would be possible for me – a carer for a special needs teen cannot do some of the daring stuff artists do. Travelling to a sexy venue abroad to treat yourself to uninterrupted indulgence of creativity is never going to be possible for me. Still it turns out Dublin City Culture Connects can innovate opportunities to give access even to odd birds like myself.
My residence would focus on developing engagements around craft and creativity!
Richmond Barracks are leaders in developing vibrant experiences for diverse communities – my people working for my people. 

Their values are so like everything I believe in.

The time and space would give me the opportunity to work on resource materials. The participants would be collaborating with me on those. 

I roll up sleeves with the intent that we might be useful to many people who love creativity. 
If you are interested in taking part -drop me a line.  

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