Slow Fashion Summer Camps @ Marlay Park

Sustainable Fashion

Let’s teach our children to express themselves using what we already have.

Let them learn about materials: what they are, where they come from, and how they are made. The future designers and innovators are made in Marlay in this summer camp.

Want to know more?

Reach out to Niki- she would show you all you want to see.
Proper Fun.
Each day try a new project.
Each project shows different materials.
Each material teaches a new skill.
Each skill inspires you to try different tools.
So much Learning
Book on Eventbrite or call Niki.

Niki’s games are fun.
Best part?
The fashion show!

Fashion Show

Each participant is invited to take part in the fashion show on Friday. Everyone wears their own creations and shows off their creativity to family and friends. Invite your neighbors’ too!

Photo shoot

You are the fashion star of this summer camp. Each designer gets a set of 6 professional photos for their own portfolio. Photos will be taken by a professional photographer.

Learn about…


Make your own hat from wool, silk and found objects. Discover the ancient craft of creating fabric from wool fibres.


Make patterns and sew a skirt from an old shirt. Patterns are suitable for those who have never seen a needle and a tread, but we have something in store for brave curious makers.

Lace Making

Transform an old T-shirt into a new statement dress. All you need is a pair of scissors and your imagination.


Knit your own hat in 1 hour! Learn to use knitting machines to quickly make garments that can be worn the year round.

Eco Dying

Using the park, learn about plants and bugs; make a silk scarf as a keepsake.

Slow Fashion
@ Marlay Park

Capsule Fashion Collection

This week of learning will give you the chance to take home a capsule collection of creations for you to wear for the summer.

Scrap Books

Demystify the process by keeping a scrap book with the materials and steps that you have taken to make your pieces.

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