Felt Stained Glass @ Gallery Kabllo, Vienna, Austria 2022

An International Exhibition presenting Dr Niki Collier’s Felt Stained Glass technique through the artworks of 20 of the most interesting contemporary fibre artists was funded by Culture Ireland to travel to Vienna this autumn.

“The most successful show in a decade” as described by the Pearse Museum staff, is invited to travel to Gallery Kabllo, a fibre art gallery with track record of international events in Vienna , Austria 15th Sep – 6th Oct 2022.

Some of the exhibiting artists are:

  • Mandy Nash: award winning UK artist
  • Ellen Silberlicht: the Chair of Feltmakers North US
  • Dr Niki Collier: the inventor of the Felt Stained Glass technique

The exhibition features a community panel of over 100 pieces developed through Dr Niki Collier’s online classes. The artists contributing to the panel range from 8 to 81 year olds, some super stars of fibre art and some first time felters.

A diverse set of activities is on offer to the Austrian audience:

  • Exhibition Open Call: for local artists.
  • Felt Stained Glass Workshop on the 17th September (please contact me for details).
  • Exhibition Launch @ Gallery Kabllo on the 15th September.
  • Online Events: art talk, workshops, online engagements.

About the Technique

The exhibition celebrates a new technique in this medium. The felt stained glass technique is founded on the contrasting forces in nature: from chaos to structure and from destruction to mending. The world is broken and chaos shadows all aspects of our lives. As humanity we are not new to this, but as a generation, we needed re-assurance that it will pass and that all aspects of healing are meaningful. The technique is simple: create a fabric out of fibres, cut it into pieces and put it back together using embellishing to celebrate the places of mending. It is all done in the ancient textile making medium of felt.

The technique saw evolution in the three years that it has been used. Many beginners discovered felt making through it. It also ignited the creative juices of artists from around the globe and some of the most interesting fiber artists have contributed to this exhibition.

The timeline of the evolution of the technique can be studied here.

Venue Address

Atelier Kabllo
1010 Vienna,
Postgasse 11

This event was made possible by the support by Culture Ireland, the Office of Public Works and the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland.

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