Arts and Disability / Fire Station Artists’ Studios Studio Visit Award

Banner Photo: taken by Barry Cronin
I start every year with the cautious realisation that it is important to turn the dreams into a plan so I could have a proper go at them.

When I need support I usually chat to people, but more recently I have adopted a more grown up approach - I chat to those who offer supports. 

So I thought I would ask for a studio visit award from Arts and Disability Ireland / Fire Station Artists' Studio, and I got one. I am chuffed that I will be meeting with Sheena Barrett, the curator of the LAB Gallery.

I realised I am at pivotal point of my practice. So I aim to dedicate the time with my assigned mentor to hash out a plan for 2022 on my Symbols of Mobility work.

In the last year I have worked on several projects which enabled meaningful relationships with like-minded professionals: I developed a first engagement in Symbols of Mobility- a combination of visual art and performance. This is first step in a long term project advocating awareness on working through trauma.

The work happened directly as a result of the support I got from Arts and Disability Ireland in 2021.

The award had very positive impact on my practice. It enabled me to learn from exceptional professionals, to develop community engagements that are growing into long term collaborations. Further ADI promoted my work through the process which strengthened my relationships with like-minded stakeholders.

The project recognised film as a powerful tool for communicating my stories. However, it also highlighted that I lack the structures necessary to deliver consistently high-quality content of that kind. New years resolution- to overcome this. For that I reach out to get an honest audit of my practice and guidance of how to plan for developing the work.

The time to do some work has come.

So happy that I would do it with the help from ADI / FSAS.

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