Report: Arts & Disabilities Ireland Mentoring Grant 2020

This post summarises the pile of work and documents developed as part of the Arts and Disability Mentoring Award I received in 2021.

I hope it shows my utmost gratitude for the support and my desire to express how much it meant to me through the results you can see below.


I have tried to go against my bad habits on the Arts and Disability Mentoring Award. I kept a private journal- where I have my rants, my feeling sorry for myself moments, and my giving outs to me and the world. I also tried to keep the work transparent through my online vlogging and blogging via my @nikicollierfelt Instagram account and in my chats with people.

I was unsure about note taking in the journal, but it was really important as my restless brain sometimes tortures me with my unrealistic understanding of time as an Actual Physical Thing, rather than a stretch in my imagination.

I bought the journals from Badly Made Books – they had to be very personal to make me work with them. And since I know Sean through a hilarious Dublin Flea get together I knew it had to be them. Interestingly I ended up using a second one so it was good that I pushed myself to give it a go. The journals became the blueprint of making scrapbooks- and they seem to be the best survival tool when you are running multiple projects when I am learning a lot.


Arts and Disability Ireland Mentoring Award

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