Open Call: Evie & Us Exhibition 2021

The exhibition is open to all who participated in DCCI Keep Well and Felt with Us campaign and everyone else who wants to try this new technique. 
You are welcome to submit your piece via email, by post or in person. 

Click here to access the Expression of Interest Form,


Expression of InterestWednesday, 31st May, 2021
Digital SubmissionSunday, 18th July, 2021
Physical Submission (by Post or in Person at Niki Collier Studio or Jane Foxes’ Studio.)Wednesday, 1st September, 2021

Stained Glass Technique

For those who would like to develop an original work here are the details about the technique. 
There are limitless possibilities to express yourself in this one technique.
Stained glass felt technique: pre felts put together in puzzle-style manner and finished with borders.
Borders can be done with hand and machine embroidery, needle felting, beading embroidery or a combination of the four.
Study real stained glass and get inspired.

Pieces Submitted

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