Open Call: Evie & Us Exhibition 2021

The exhibition is open to all who participated in DCCI Keep Well and Felt with Us campaign and everyone else who wants to try this new technique. 

Exhibition Launch (12th August, 2021)

The Exhibition was launched by Mary Whelan from the Design and Craft Council of Ireland. Present at the launch were 25 of the participants.Breda Fay and Myself were representatives of Feltmakers Ireland and Jane Fox and Helene Dooley were there on behalf of International Feltmakers Association.

Opening remarks of Mary Whelan from the Design and Craft Council of Ireland:

I was surprised and delighted to hear about the interest in the Feltmakers Keep well project when I receiving a phonecall on a Monday Morning 8.30 am from Nikki  who was trying to panic gracefully telling me how oversubscribed it was and was looking for more money before the project had even started.

It was amazing to see how many people not just participated but finished their projects and it was wonderful to see the beautiful pieces created and how full of colour the  birds and butterflies were. 

Congratulations to you all, you are amazing even in the darkest time of COVID you took part in something good and positive together.

I would also like to congratulate

The Felt with Us Team on such an exciting project, that was designed and presented online by the 3 tutors:

with support from:


Mary Whelan was instrumental in the success of this project.

Thank you all so much for taking the time to do this for us.
There is an ongoing submission so if you want your bird to be perched on the online exhibition just send a picture of it to me by email (
I am a yes woman!

Stained Glass Technique

For those who would like to develop an original work here are the details about the technique. 
There are limitless possibilities to express yourself in this one technique.
Stained glass felt technique: pre felts put together in puzzle-style manner and finished with borders.
Borders can be done with hand and machine embroidery, needle felting, beading embroidery or a combination of the four.
Study real stained glass and get inspired.

Pieces Submitted

Please click to see the image in all its glory…

4 thoughts on “Open Call: Evie & Us Exhibition 2021”

  1. Catherine Carroll

    Hi I can’t see my bird, that I submitted, can you let me know if it did not come up to standard, as I thought it was very good for a first attempt, ii enjoyed the whole process.
    Thank you & kind regards,

    Catherine Carroll

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